Who we are

AlacrityDynamics is a team created by the AlimoDynamics from the 2nd High School of Alimos and the Alacrity Team from the Erasmios Greek And German School that participates in the 2019 Finals of the F1 in Schools contest. Our team consists of 8 basic and 13 supportive members from Greece. Collaboration, dedication and innovation are the three elements that deifne our team.

Στιγμιότυπο 2019-06-15, 6.34.33 μμ.png

Alacrity Dynamics

We started as competitors but ended up making unbelievable friendships. Now we compete together and the only thing that can stop us is air resistance.


Our goal

Our goal throughout this project is to acquire knowledge, which will help us improve ourselves and will play an important role to our future.

From this Competition

F1 in Schools is one of the biggest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) competitions in the world. It provides us with knowledge from lot's of different sectors and it's a truly unique experience. We learn how to design and manufacture a car, how to manage not only our time and our project but a whole enterprise and how to promote it to the public. It prepares us for our future and help us reach our potential. After this competition we already know that we will be different, more mature and with a lot more knowledge that will help us be better individuals and have a more successful future career.