Every member of Alacrity Dynamics has been an F1 fan for many years and through the F1 in Schools project we have the opportunity not only to experience part of the organization from within, but also to implement an integrated project with different levels of difficulty!


Marios Kaloutsis

Leader of Alacrity Dynamics, responsible for team and task organization.

Having two years of experience in the F1 in Schools competition, Marios is an individual who values time planning and organization. In the National Finals he was the Team Manager of team Alacrity where he proved his ability to work under pressure and allocate the duties among each member accordingly.


John Chainis

Car Designer and responsible for the engineering portfolio. He was the founder and chief of the AlimoDynamics.

John Chainis is the chief at the engineering department of our team. His task is to design and engineer the car alongside Nick. He is a fan of F1 since 2006 and his favorite driver is Lewis Hamilton, he also has C2 certificate in english.


Tania Poulidi

Social Media Manager, responsible for coordinating Social Media, experience on the creation of the marketing portfolio.

Tania has always been a fan of fine arts such as photography, art and dance. In her spare time she likes to try out new hobbies and discover new places.


Nikos Boutsikas

Car Construction Engineer and member of the project funding team, he is experienced on his field due to work on the car’s painting and assembly for team AlimoDynamics.

Nick has a C2 certificate in English along with a B2 certificate in german, he also was the runner up in the teen ping pong divison in the regional finals of the 2017-2018 season.


Nikiforos Spliotopoulos

Financial Manager, responsible for contacting sponsors and creating the fund raising plan of our team.

When it came to allocating the duties among the members during the national finals, the team chosed him to be the head in the Finances sector. It was a great honor for him since project funding is a crucial part of a competition such this. In the new team he will have the same duties and he hope’s to continue his successful job for the team’s sake.


Basilis Aygeropoulos

Social Media Manager, he has already succeeded in terms of managing social media, since he managed to get the Best Social Media award for the AlimoDynamics Team.

Bill is a social media and marketing manager. He has a C2 certificate in English and he is a Boy Scout that has just finished high school. He loves anything evolving around cars and is waiting on his drivers license. He is looking forward to the Abu Dhabi world Finals.


Dioni Zouvelou

Graphic Designer, responsible for the graphics appearing in the team's documents such as the portfolios.

She's the graphic designer of our team and she's grateful for being with us. Dreaming herself about being an architect she decided to be occupied with the marketing field, the graphic design and aesthetics. When someone is passionate about the work they’re doing, they’re naturally committed to quality and positive outcomes.


Dimitris Chrysos

Graphic Designer, Site Manager, trying to increase the f1 in schools competition and team awareness, significantly involved in the creation process of the portfolios.

Dimitris is a Science and Technology lover, his passion towards those sectors was the driving force for him to join a team in the F1 in Schools Competition. He is an eloquent speaker of the english language and enjoys learning different cultures.

From this competition he has managed to train his marketing, enterprise and graphic designing skills while at the same time doing something that he is passionate about.


Panagiotis Nanousis

Game Creator responsible for providing fun ways to increase the awareness of our team and the competition.

Apart from having excellent knowledge in computer science and technology in general, Panagiotis is also a part of the Greek National Climbing Team, nominated as the best climber in Greece and 2nd in the Balkans.

He is also a fluent speaker of the english language.


Dorita Podimata

Εvents manager, responsible for managing the funds of the team in order to organize events to spread awareness of us while also playing a vital role in the creation of the enterprise portfolio.

Dorita has 2 years of experience in the F1 in Schools competition. Besides the competition she has participated in many student conferences and international cooperation groups. She is an individual with solid critical thinking skills and she is working hard to achieve team’s and her goals.

Through the competition emerged the organization and the psychological support to the members of the team.


Anastasios Kalogirou

Car Designer

Anastasios is a very useful member of our team due to his dedication and knowledge regarding the technical side of motorsports as well as his skills in CAD designing, therefore he is always utilizing the best of his abilities.


Joanna Boutsika

Supportive member helping with the creation of the website and the portfolios

Joanna has c1 in English along with a b1 in german, she also took part in rhythmic gymnastics competitions .


Danae Pikoula

Supportive member helping with the creation of the website and the portfolios

Her love for F1 attracted her to the competition and her communication skills determined her role in the team. Having already excelled in the panhellenic exams this year and fluently speaking English (C2 level certificate), German (C1 level certificate) and Spanish (C1 level certificate) she flings herself into writing most of the texts needed.


Akis Machos

Akis is a member of the project funding team, his main role is to find and communicate to sponsors.

He also has the responsibility of finding materials crucial for our project.